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Current Conditions at Pathfinder Reservoir:

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The Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Club provides updates as a community service and makes no claims or guarantees of the safety or accuracy of the observations posted on this site.  All visitors to Pathfinder Reservoir should expect varying conditions and should exercise extreeme caution as conditions can change rapidly and unforeseen dangers can appear with or without notice.  Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Clubs observations are posted solely for the enjoyment of site visitors.

12/24/17: Well the cold finally showed up so we took a drive out today to check ice. The lake is capped except around Bird island and goose bay. From the Dam to the marina it is way to thin for me, we tossed a few rocks out on it and they went right through the ice so guessing around 1″ maybe.  Drove over to Bishops and same there except up the Sweetwater arm, there were a few anglers about a 1/4 mile up and the ice there was 4″to5″ of good solid ice. The forecast all this next week is ice making weather so I’m guessing next weekend it should be good to go. I will probably go out Saturday and do a little fishing myself and I will report what I found so until then please be safe.

Bishops looking up sweet water                                         Looking at wolf point from Marina

Marina boat ramp

12/30/17: Fished the Sweetwater area today, ice was still holding the 6″ to 8″ range. Didn’t do any good, we only had 1 flag in 3 hrs so pretty slow. There was people fishing all around Bishops point and reported about 4″to 6″ of ice there. We drove over to the Dam and Marina area and the ice looked pretty sketchy, there was open water out in the middle of the bay and by the docks. Ice looked to be around 3″ but didn’t look safe to be on. There were a few brave anglers at weis boat ramp so some of the ice is fishable. Please be safe if you go

1/7/18: Didn’t actually get out myself but fellow fishermen have reported back that there’s still ice out there, Bishops and Sweet Water is still around 8″ and some up the arm around 12″. Marina area 6″ to 8″ and Wolf Point their saying 6″to 8″. Just remember that there is no such thing as safe ice, Please be as safe as possible when venturing new areas. The weather has been way to nice so you never know where thin spots will be.

1/14/18: Drove out to take a look at the ice situation and to my surprise it wasn’t as bad as I thought, The Dam area and Marina was all around 6″ to 8″ of good clear ice and as far as we could see the whole lake was capped, Zero snow so it was very slick, if you like to ice skate then your in luck, other wise you better have your cleats on because it is very slick.  We didn’t drive to Bishops but other reports have said with this warm weather that the ice has thinned in areas around the boat ramp. We can all hope the weather changes and starts to build better ice.