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Current Conditions at Pathfinder Reservoir:

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The Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Club provides updates as a community service and makes no claims or guarantees of the safety or accuracy of the observations posted on this site.  All visitors to Pathfinder Reservoir should expect varying conditions and should exercise extreeme caution as conditions can change rapidly and unforeseen dangers can appear with or without notice.  Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Clubs observations are posted solely for the enjoyment of site visitors.

12/11/16 : Went out to Pathy for a Sunday drive, only ice on the lake is on the Sweetwater arm from the cove just west of the shelter at Bishops Point all the way up as far as I could see towards Pathfinder ranch house. Several fishermen out enjoying first ice, we drilled holes in a few areas and talked with other fishermen and most ice was 4″ to 6″, good solid ice. we fished in the cove by the first fence line about 1/2 mile up stream with no success on bites.


1/2/17: Finally made it back out to check ice, the lake looks to be completely capped, from the Dam to the Marina has 6″to 9″ just about everywhere we went. There were fishermen at the marina that were doing fairly well on catching trout and their ice was a good 9″. Talked to some fishermen at Bishops and most the ice there was about the same 6″to 12″ so I’m sure Sweetwater arm all the way up probably has the same. The main part of Pathy has just capped this last week so I do not know how canyon creek and farther back would be at this time but we do have some very cold temps all week so maybe by this coming weekend it will all be fishable. Good luck and be safe

1/7/17: The lake is covered with 3’TO 6′ of snow right now and the ice didn’t seem to change a lot even though we had colder temps. snow is a great insulation I hear. Ice was all in great shape as the prior week. Suppose to have warmer weather this week but I’m thinking with all the snow that might not hurt the ice conditions but it might be a sloppy mess until it cools back down. we didn’t do to well on the catching but we did see a few trout caught by other anglers.

1/22/17:Took a drive to Pathy today, Ice is looking about the same, talked to fishermen by the Dam, Marina and at Bishops and they all said its around 12″ and holding, some snow still on the lake but a lot of it has blown off and melted. The county  said they will start clearing the roads on Monday so  by Wednesday access should be good into Bishops, Marina and wolf point. Good luck to all at the Derby and Please be safe,


1/25/17:  Preparations are well underway for this weekends Derby.  Temperatures are expected to be pleasant.  There is approx 6-10″ of new snow from this week and the county plows are hard at work to open the roads and campgrounds.  There is fresh snow on the lake.  We’ve had nice temperatures so please use caution this weekend as ice conditions are never fully predictable and there may be spots of thinning ice.  Good luck to everyone and remember Derby Hours are 7:00am-5:00pm Saturday and 7:00am-3:00pm Sunday.  Be sure to stop by the HQ to check the door prize drawing board late in the day Saturday or Sunday to claim any winnings!