Boat & Fishing Club

The Pathfinder Boat Club was founded on October 29th, 1988,  with the goal of improving the overall fishing and camping conditions at Pathfinder Reservoir and to create a social environment for the entire family and people with common interests.

The Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Club works closely with the county and bureau of reclamation to help improve all areas at Pathfinder reservoir including courtesy docks, facility maintenance, and campground improvements.

Membership benefits of The Pathfinder Boat and Fishing Club include monthly potluck dinners during the summer with the main course usually paid for by the boat club, fishing derbies, and other fun activities with cash prizes for members and their guests.

We are a nonprofit organization with people with a wide range of interests all working toward the common goal of improving the overall conditions at Pathfinder and building relationships with other members. We encourage the general public to drop in and check us out, we really need your support to keep us afloat. If you wish to join the boat club applications are available at the marina store called Pathy’s Pantry, or you can download the Membership-Application and either drop it by Pathy’s or send it in and start receiving the benefits of membership on your next trip to the lake!  Family memberships are $50.00 per year and single memberships are $35.00 per year.

Here is the link to our Youtube Channel.